Advantages And Disadvantages Of Early Marriage In Malaysia

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Introduction Birth, marriage and death are the standard key events of most people’s lives. However, among these trios, only one, marriage is a matter of choice. The chance of practicing the right to choose their partner is now often being restricted. Prophet Muhammad PBUH advised those who want to get married: “Choose carefully for your children…” (recorded by Ibnu Majah). Here even Prophet PBUH wanted us to think beyond ourselves; that we should carefully choose a marital partner that isn’t just good for us, but also good for our unborn children. In nowadays perspective, the term ‘early marriage’ is totally a different thing. Based on the article from, early marriage defined as the marriage in which one or both parties are below the age of 18. Besides, it is estimated that about 39 000 young girls under the age of 18 around the world each day are married off. (UNFPA) [1] Every year, some 14 million…show more content…
Non-Muslims in Malaysia can marry when they turn 18. However, those teens between the ages of 16 until 18 must get authorised by Chief Minister in order to get marry at that age. Muslims boys need to reach the age of 18 while the Muslim girls can marry as soon as they turn 16. But, there is some exception regarding those both Muslim boys and girls below minimal legal age to marry with the consent of the Syariah Court. According to the statistics stated by 2000 Population and Housing Census (IPUMS) [2], more that 6,800 girls under age 15 were married in Malaysia: 2,450 girls are Malay, 1,600 girls are Chinese, 600 girls are Indians, 1,550 girls are other Bumiputeras and the remaining are others. Based on the statistics in Graph 1 above, it is clearly shown that in Malaysia child marriage is being implied as a norm in the community itself. Nevertheless, Malaysia as well as 90 other countries, has a strong will to implement United Nations resolution to end early

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