Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eastern And Western Education

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The combination of both eastern and western education systems will be the best for most students. I am an Asian who had studied in Chinese schools for many years, then I transferred to international school three years ago. I had noticed many advantages and disadvantages of both education systems, so I don 't assume any of them are good enough. Western education focuses more on creativity, thinking and application; whereas the eastern system focuses on teaching students a huge amount of knowledge and the well-rounded base knowledge of the students.
The eastern education is known by the fast progressing, comprehensiveness, profound knowledge, and plus a bunch of tests. Students in the east earn knowledge base on the textbooks, they don’t really think about how does that happen and what will be different if that didn’t happen. Because they think the teacher is always right, and that makes them don’t think critically and creatively; but that’s also how they are cultivated to be elites. Students in the east need to spend more the time on studying every day, they have to go cram school right away after the school, and even the weekend. Big amount of test makes students learn from memorizing without actually understanding the course, and due to spending all the time on studying, they don’t have much practice experiences either, in the other words, the eastern education shapes the students to be rigid and don’t know how to apply their knowledge to the real world. A Chinese educator
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