Advantages And Disadvantages Of Economic System In China

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An economic system is defined by the various processes of organizing and motivating labour, producing, distributing, and circulating of the resultant of human labour, such as merchandise and services, consumer durables , machines, tools, and other technology used as intake for hereafter production, and the infrastructure within and through which production, apportionment , and circulation occurs. These arrangements are intended by the political, cultural, and environmental conditions which they co-exist together (Gemma; 2014).

In a command economic system or planned economy, the federal government controls the economy by deciding how the state would use and distribute resources. The government also regulates prices and wages
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Advantage and disadvantage
The advantage of the mixed market system is that China has open is market towards foreign business therefore creating job opportunities for their people by doing so it has improve their society and the style of living. Besides that, those citizen who works for the foreign companies will incur a percentage of taxation. This taxation is then uses by the government to develop the country by improving their infrastructure such as roads, telecommunications, and public transportation. Apart from that, China is now the 2nd largest economy in world (Jerry w; 2011), (Nation Master; 2003-2014).

The disadvantage that China will face with this mixed market system is that many hundreds of millions of people still remain poor because most of whom live in more isolated interior regions of country away from prosperous coast; therefore creating a gap between rich and poor. Besides that, the taxation money that the government takes from the citizen which is used for development of the country is only done in the prosperous coast leaving out the other regions of the country. Furthermore, the employees the works for foreign company has to pay high tax rate compare to the government employees (Jerry w; 2011), (Nation Master;
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