Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Media

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5. You will analyze how can e-pub be an effective media to convey your issue:
According to my numerous interviewees, there are various advantages of using e-publications to raise awareness regarding my issue. One of the most obvious reason being that it can instantly be accessed upon through the internet at any time or location. This means that even if people are outside of their house or late at night, you are still enabled to access e-publications. E-publications can be used to explain issues with much more detail, with the incorporation of videos and audio footages. Videos can give the reader a visual understanding concerning about the subject. On top of that, with social media starting to become very common nowadays, there will be a higher possibility that people will come across the e-publication. Additionally, the content consisted in e-publications can be accessible through almost all sort of technologies. This is crucial, since these days the majority is always carrying a smartphone or a laptop.

•Find three different forms of publications (such as brochures, videos, TV networks) that are similar to your topic or you think are interesting (due to their design or message).
1. Online Brochures

2. Videos

3. TV Networks

•Analyze each by answering the questions below.

A. What are its advantages and disadvantages? (two advantages and 2 disadvantages)
Online Brochures
With technology and visual effects getting better and better each day, the
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