Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Questionnaires

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In this section of the research we will start with brief information about questionnaire and guidelines on how to design a questionnaire along with a definition of an electronic questionnaire and some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of questionnaire. Question 3: Layout to be considered in preparing the questionnaire, a definition of electronic questionnaire, and a presentation of electronic questionnaire advantages and disadvantage are mentioned below: Questionnaire is the usual method used to gather data and opinions for surveyed decision problem (Ergu and Kou,2012). It is used in conducting quantitative research to make the researcher able to calculate in numbers the frequency of occurrence of behavior and attitude. ( Rowley,2014) If we compare between methods of collecting data for example by using interviews or by using questionnaires we find that questionnaires cost less to gather and manage the data and help to distribute the questions to a huge number of target population. Also there are several ways to distribute questionnaires by telephone, e-mail, and web links. (Jones et al, 2008). To design a questionnaire, the researcher has to go through a process of constructing the questionnaire which starts from the objective of the research until the final version of the questionnaire as shown in the ( Appendix (3) ) . To construct a questionnaire, we should consider the formulation or wording of the question to be included in the
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