Advantages And Disadvantages Of Email Marketing

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In this chapter we will delve into various aspects of email marketing. This chapter will expand on the email marketing background from chapter 1 and introduce new aspects of the field.

According to Kumar and Sharma (2014), the rapid adoption of the internet as a commercial medium has caused companies and marketers to experiment with innovative ways of marketing to consumers in computer-mediated environments, known as online marketing or e-marketing. Though e-marketing involves digital technologies to sell goods or services, the basics of marketing remain the same – i.e. to create a strategy to deliver the right messages to the right consumers at the right time (Kumar and Sharma, 2014).

The Direct Marketing Association of Canada (n.d.) defines
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However, as with any other marketing tactic, it has its own drawbacks too.
The advantages of email as a marketing medium
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This includes the “to”, “from” and “reply to” fields of an email. The “from” email address should include the company’s name. A meaningless ‘from’ address that the reader cannot identify serves only to confuse the origin of a marketing email. Using a personalised company email address (e.g. for the “reply” field also creates familiarity and builds trust with the reader.
• Subject line. The subject line is said to be the most important component of a marketing email, as they help readers to identify the email and entice them to read it. Consistent subject lines, using the company’s name and newsletter edition, can build familiarity. Subject lines should also reflect the content of the email. Subject lines are highly scrutinised by spam filters.
• Pre-header. The pre-header is a line or two of text that is displayed above the email header. It is typically the line of text that redirects readers to view the content online. The pre-header is particularly useful to redirect mobile device users to mobile-friendly versions of the email content.
• Header. The header is the banner or image that is included in many marketing emails. It often contains the company’s logo as well as a call-to-action, or an image to catch the recipient’s

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