Advantages And Disadvantages Of Energiewende

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Greenhouse gases are needed for the existence of life. A part of the solar radiation is absorbed by greenhouse gases, heating them and emitting infrared radiation to the ground . Τhat is the reason that temperature on earth is about 15C Without greenhouse gases the temperature on earth would be -180C. The problem lies in the increasing of concentration of greenhouse gases. During the last century the average temperature of the Earth increased by 0.8 Celsius degrees. (1) (2) It has been estimated that from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas,is producing carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide that accounted for 60% of global warming. The main aim of "Energiewende " is to is to decarbonize vitality supplied by changing to renewable sources and lessening request by method for more prominent proficiency. (3)…show more content…
First of renewable energies (sun,water,air) are inexhaustible sources and contribute to reduce dependence on conventional energy. Moreover, for the exploitation of renewable energy sources is not requierd an active intervention, such as mining, pumping or burning. Τhat is the reason they do not emitt carbon dioxide during their use, therefore they do not any cause further pollution to the environment. Τhe convential energy can cause air and water pollution which can lead to health problems like breathing, heart attacks, and cancer. Substituting fossil fuels with clean energy has been found reduce these health problems and therefore healthcare costs. (4) The following graphic shows the avoided greenhouse gas emissions from the use of "Energiewende" in Germany in 2014. It shows that the climate goals in Germany are achieved. Ιn total, were 151 million t C02 avoided (most of them in electricity

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