Advantages And Disadvantages Of Energy-Saving Bulbs

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Energy-saving bulbs One of the main problems that faces the electricity department in Egypt in the last 5 years is the very high increase in loads, this is due to the large number of building which has been built and the number is still increasing due to the absence of regulatory bodies, The President of the Republic has been issued orders to quickly set up and operate electrical power stations, then a number of stations have already been set up and connected to the public company, but awareness of the need to rationalize the consumption of electricity has to be made. Electricity distribution companies have a role in this. They advises the consumers to change the light bulbs to be energy-saving LED bulbs. What are the LED bulbs energy-saving? as shown in Fig 36 Bulb is made up of a number of light-emitting diodes. Fig 36 led type lamp Why the Led lamp is the most secure lamp type? • Safe does not cause ignition • some are not broken and not explode • Do not contain within them priming can be interrupted to extinguish the bulb as it happens in the normal bulb • Do not contain any amounts of mercury • Do not contain UV or infrared • Do not increase the temperature of the place or the area around the bulb, which provides an indirect way of air-conditioning consumption • bulbs are more environmentally friendly Advantages of LED bulbs energy-saving: • save more than 85% of the electrical energy compared to normal ones • their

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