Advantages And Disadvantages Of Engineering Education

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India is tenth largest economy in the world as far as the present GDP is concerned. It is also third largest in purchasing power. Many activities were undertaken by the government for the growth and today India is one of the largest as well as the fastest growing economy in the world. Education is a driving force for the development and Engineering education play a crucial role in the development of India in different segments. India is well performing in engineering education and training segment for the promotion of skilled manpower in diverse areas [1], [5]. The infrastructure and quality of engineering education though questioned from various industrial sectors in recent past but still India has many advantages and strengths in terms of Engineering and Technical education. The engineering education policy making council called AICTE is responsible for the designing, development, and administration of the engineering education in the Nation. AICTE also govern pharmacy, management, town and country planning, applied arts and crafts, hotel management and catering technology education. Though the engineering education, management, and computer application education may be freely governed by the universities of any kind approved by the UGC (The apex educational body in India), this has been started as per the order of Supreme Court. Hence, as a result, many universities in India have started technical and engineering education without the prior approval of AICTE. Many

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