Advantages And Disadvantages Of Engineering

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Engineering can be defined as work of discipline, understanding and creativity. In other words engineering deals with mathematical things that is precision of working, inventing new systems that can enhance the environment and bring more facilities and comforts in daily life. Engineering has been existing in ancient times. They had developed material such as the wedge, lever, wheel and pulley but with better technology, engineering has been able to invent new idea of making a sustainable development in the world. In Mauritius, our engineers work very hard to be overcome the problems that they encounter in industry or any power plant operation to be able to provide the Mauritian society with all the facilities.
Types of engineers
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That’s why most of the people who has completed their degree in engineering and does not want to work in such a condition, they migrate to other countries such as Canada, Australia and European countries just to get a good job and to be well paid. One challenge that engineers are facing is for the production of electricity. They need to provide a greater amount of electrical energy in the country or else we would not have electricity for a period of time. To provide electrical energy, fossil fuel can be burned but such as coal but this can cause pollution. One crisis that they has to faced was the construction of the Verdun road at Terre rouge which were recently closed because of landslides and big cracks was also found which can be dangerous for those using this road. However engineers are recovering the damages that has been caused which demand more expenses. Furthermore, the textile industry are facing a crisis, that is in Mauritius the exportation of garments is decreasing since most countries are producing their own product with and innovative design. We need to innovate more so that our products can be exported or else we will still face an economic crisis. Moreover, if we compared the amount of qualified engineers in Mauritius with European countries or even African countries, we have less qualified engineers and also concerning we do…show more content…
Youngsters that are encouraged to do engineering in Mauritius will have to be more competent to face the challenges that can come in the next decade. Thus, with the advanced technology, engineers can upgrade their knowledge and must have an experience of what they are doing, why they are doing it and what are the
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