Advantages And Disadvantages Of European Union

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European union is the modern version of the organizations gradually formed by the member countries of after the second world war with the primary aim of avoiding another war. At first the European Coal and steel community was created in 1950 to unify mining and manufacturing industries among France and Germany particularly and then atomic energy was added to it. Later in 1957 a treaty was established which transformed these unifications into a complete and formal institution. In the year 1986 it was developed into a shape of single ,internal market under European act 1986 through major amending treaties. Other treaties like Maastricht treaty (1992), treaty of Nice (2001), treaty of Lisbon (2007) came into effect. Since its establishment, more member states have joined through a series…show more content…
European Court of Auditors 5. European Ombudsman. (1) European Parliament It is the largest multinational Parliament in the world. It is the only EU institution that is directly elected by the citizens of the Member States, it is the democratic reflection of the will of the European Union 's citizens. Together with the Council, Parliament formulates and adopts legislation proposed by the Commission. It approves the yearly budget of the EU and exercises political control. It approves the composition of the Commission and can remove it by a vote of no-confidence. Its members can put both oral and written questions to the Council and to the Commission. It approves new Member States. It appoints the EU 's ombudsman. Membership – 626 elected by proportional representation for 5-year terms. The members are distributed into groups according to their political affiliation. A few members are without a group. Role: It exercises democratic control over all the Community institutions, in particular the Commission; it shares legislative power with the Council and the Commission; it plays a decisive role in the adoption of the budget. (2) Council of the European Union (Council of
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