Advantages And Disadvantages Of Face To Face Education

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At the past education was difficult thing were students used to go walk to school even through the snowy or rainy days. school used to be at morning and students does not have anything to be distract from education. Now days with the internet and the online classes education become easier and wider. The Obstacles that students used to face for education and attending there classes was give the education an importance and shows how its very valuable like looking through books in libraries and asking your teachers about your lessons this things give an experience cant nowadays be easily gain. There are advantages and disadvantages for both ways for education face to face and online education . Face to face education is more efficient and help students to get well…show more content…
Actually the accessing to the materials on line is easier and faster but students now days don’t go to the libraries or even know how to get information from book which a hug lose in the education system “making learning materials available online results in improved learning results only for specific forms of collective assessment” (al, 2003) The role of the instructors is important in face to face learning. Instructors have strong sense to be the leadership over the students. The teacher and the students can bond more and have exercises. There is evidence favoring the teacher-centered instructional approach, even with regard to “higher order” achievements, especially with disadvantaged students (Chall, 2000) “These factors depend on the design of learning activities, the manner in which materials are presented and the instructor’s teaching approach”. (Edelson, 2000) sees teaching in both venues as a process of constant experimentation, of keeping young and alive and of making the most of whatever modality is being deployed at any particular

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