Essay On Advantages Of Facebook

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Talking about Facebook, we all know what Facebook is, the phenomenal social media. Facebook is the biggest person to person communication site today. Established in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Nowdays, Facebook is very popular in many countries, Indonesia is one of the countries. Facebook is accessed by millions and even billions of people every day. Everyone in Indonesia like use Facebook, star from child, teenager until adult. Therefor, Indonesia became the third the biggest country in the world the user Facebook. There are many benefits that can be obtained, but not the least negative impact caused by it. It brings the advantages and disadvantages for people who using Facebook.

Facebook has the benefit for user; communication and Share information. One of the advantages from Facebook is to communication to other Facebook user although our friends is far but with Facebook we can communicate with them by Facebook. Facebook, according to a lot of people are very useful. As the main function is
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Facebook is absolutely about how we can use it wisely and safely. The solution from Facebook problem is we have to think critically challenged all that exists on Facebook. Therefore, Facebook is beneficial for people who can see opportunities otherwise could be a nightmare if we can not think critically. "If he had used to things less useful, then the loss himself for abuse. Instead Facebook can be useful when looking for the positive thing, "said Edi Wijaya who Lecturer of the School of Information Management (STMIK TIME).And then, response to Facebook, we have to use this site as wise as possible. Because Facebook is a site that does not have a filter against bad content, then we should use it as best as possible by avoiding the various bad content. Then, as parents and teachers, we must always keep an eye on our children, so they can avoid the dangers of this biggest social media site in the
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