Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fast Food

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t’s one of the main things that cause diseases in our society. We can see there is a lot of fast food places everywhere attract our attention very fast. So, I think we should think deeply about the food that we should eat before make any decision. Talking about personal experience , I used to eat a lot of fast food but I quit it since awhile. Despite a lot of people know the home make food still much better than the fast food but they sometimes prefer the fast one for some reasons.

We see around the world the fast food consequences growing up very fast than the past, although the people know what is good for their health and what is not. Indeed people theses days very busy, so that’s why a lot of them consider it as a good thing to get, so its more convenient for them. even the people around me keep telling me why you don’t eat it?!, and they keep convince me about it. and I have told them I have my reasons for that. Many people find it expensive, but the others say you will save your time for other things to do. People observed some factors lead us to the advantages and dis advantages of the fast food.

As many people say you will save a big time on the fast food than the home cooked one, at the same time there is some negativities for it like, maybe it is not well done, nobody knows what the employees doing in the kitchen. On the other hand, home cook food needs to make shopping and preparing for it, that take too much time for you but it’s more healthier for you at the
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