Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fast Food

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Disadvantages of Fast Food Have you ever imagined your life without fast food? Have you ever thought of the taste of your day without the yummy ice cream, French Fries, or the finger licking chicken strips? Could you live without a sip of the refreshing fizzy drinks in the hot weather of Saudi Arabia? Fast food is a type of food that is prepared and served rapidly in a fast food restaurant. ( 1) Fast food is loved by almost everyone as it is attractive, tasty and cheap. It is also convenient as kids and teens can find it anywhere. As a result, they save their time waiting for food at sit-down restaurants. Fast food is also tempting with all the additives, extra food dye and sugar that make it extremely appealing to consumers. Although fast food is an obsession for many people, it has several disadvantages such as causing major health problems, creating bad eating habits in kids, and harming the environment.

The first and probably the most important disadvantage of fast food is that it causes enormous health disorders. As a matter of fact, fast food can be deadly; “Your fast food can be your last food” (Nanno 2) Fast food, no doubt, is believed to cause obesity. This is because of the elevated levels of salt, fat, and sugar that compose its main ingredients. In addition, the extra calories in fast food meals exhaust the digestive system and make it very hard for the human body to get rid of extra fats. As a result, the human body

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