Argumentative Essay On Faux Wood Blinders

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Does your home get too cold in the winter? The warm and cold air in your house will eventually dissipate, this also means you are loosing money and energy. The windows in your house lead to 40% of dissipation (Musselman, 2001). With honeycomb shades Also called cellular shades. They are said to be the best and most energy saving window coverings a person could buy. These shades work by using cell pockets. The cell pockets trap air around the windows. In the winter they will keep the house warm and cool in the summer.
Faux wood blinds are one of the most popular blinds sold and bought along with mini vinyl blinds currently. The wood blinds are very low maintenance and are moisture resistant. They are considered darkening blinds which provide
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This would make the blinds cordless and no longer a safety hazard. But how are the blinds controlled? Just a click of a button on a remote control can control these new blinds. There are two drawbacks to these new windows. One, being the price at $500-$600 per window. Secondly, the efficiency. Some may believe these are the best for a home that wants to be energy efficient, but in reality most of these windows are not. They are free of argon which is what manufactures use to insulate double pane windows to control drafts. But they are not in double glazed windows with integral shades to insure the integrity of this type of…show more content…
People might not even know that these honeycomb shades exist and are still not too pricey. If homeowners were informed about these energy and money savers. I think they would be more popular. I also believe that it depends on how old a person’s house is on which blinds they have. Newer homes more likely have wood or honeycomb blinds but the older house have the vinyl blinds just because that’s what the house was built with. People should also be educated on what the honeycomb blinds would do to help them. They save money by trapping air in your house, allowing them to use less energy. Less energy usage will ultimately help the
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