Advantages And Disadvantages Of Festivals

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As a secular country India enjoys a population of diverse cultures, languages and traditions. Due to this the country celebrates lots of festivals from different wings of the population. Festivals bring into light a period of economic boom. Festivals bring in the culture of exchanging gifts. Chocolates, fruits, sweets, decorating items, idols face high demand. As a result of the demand, it opens up new opportunities for the gift galleries, florists and others who cater to the demand of the festival seasons. Consumption as a theme gains more ground during festivals. There is a trend of spending more especially from the higher end of the social strata than the lower ends. The lower end however tends to benefit from the consumption of the higher end. Usually the business or services of the lower end tend to driven by consumption. Hence due to rise in consumption they tend to benefit. The establish brands like Archies Gallery and Florista see a strong business from the occasion. They experience huge profits during these occasions. A major share of the revenues comes in from these festival seasons . During the festival seasons on seeing the high demand they often raise their profit margins and in the way earn more out of the festive demand. The established brand names get an additional advantage. In addition to this, they try to get optimum advantage by marketing the products with advertisements that focus on emotional bonding of the festival seasons. In a way they try to

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