Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fingerprint

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Fingerprints are taken as the important measure for uniquely identifying a person. In general there are four types of representations schemes which are used to represent a fingerprint. They are phase image, grayscale image, minutiae image and skeleton image. Among these minutiae templates are safer to be stored in database because they lose many features of original fingerprint, so they cannot be misused. Our project deals with reconstruction of fingerprint image efficiently from minutiae templates. This involves reconstruction of phase image from minutiae which can be converted to grayscale image. The existing systems that are available for reconstruction are (1) converts minutiae template to skeleton image and then to grayscale, (2) reconstructs grayscale image directly from minutiae. The disadvantages with the above existing systems are spurious minutiae and partial fingerprint construction. Our project overcomes the above 2 disadvantages of existing system. The fingerprints reconstructed with the proposed system contain very few spurious minutiae and full fingerprint can be reconstructed.

Index Terms Fingerprints, minutiae, reconstruction
1.1 FINGERPRINT Friction ridges of thumbs and the skin form inprints called fingerprints. They can
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The disadvantage is that the reconstructed fingerprint seems to be containing spurious minutiae in high curvature region.This paper[2] proposes a technique which directly reconstructs grayscale image from minutiae template. The major disadvantages are many spurious minutiae; partial fingerprint only can be generated..This paper[3] explains the algorithmwhich can be used to reconstruct the skeleton image from minutiae template which is then converted to grayscale image. This method also generates many spurious minutiae.[4]This paper describes a fingerprint synthesis technique that is based on the 2D FM

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