Biometric Unlocking Essay

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1.1 INTRODUCTION In modern day, vehicles anti-theft system is our prime important duty to secure our vehicle by the means of fingerprinting. The main focus while developing the vehicle anti-theft system is to protect our system from theft by providing the anti-theft protection. For the protection, first we should restrict the unlocking of vehicle, only to the authorized persons have this ability to unlock the car without the use of keys, once it has identified by the Fingerprint sensor. The Fingerprint of the owner and other authorized persons are stored into the database beforehand and at the time of starting engine of the vehicle, scanned fingerprints are being crosschecked with the database. Once the data has been crosschecked with the database than the person is authentic to use the vehicle.…show more content…
The authentication of Biometrics (i.e. the real authentication) which is used for identification and controlling the access which can be applied in the computer science. It is can be used in groups to identify the individuals under the surveillance. Biometric identifiers are used to labels the characteristics which can be measurable, the distinctive, and to describe the individuals. Biometric identifiers are being often categorized as behavioral versus physiological characteristics. Physiological are related to define the characteristics and the structure of the body. For Examples which include, not only limited to fingerprint, iris recognition, retina, palm veins, palm print, face recognition, hand geometry, DNA, and odor/scent. The behavioral characteristics are not only related to the typing rhythm, gait and voice but also for the pattern of the limited behavior of a person. Some researchers have described that the different class of biometrics have more coined than the term behavior metrics.

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