Advantages And Disadvantages Of Firewall

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A firewall is a software program or hardware that stops the hackers, viruses and worms that try to reach the computer. Firewalls can be in both hardware and software. Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing networks. All messages entering or going out from the network passes through the firewall. Firewall scans every message and blocks that information that does not meet the security norms. A firewall plays an important role as security blanket for management.
The primary benefits of using a firewall are:
(1) Shield from Vulnerable Services
(2) Controlled Access to site Systems
(3) Concentrated Security
(4) Enhanced Privacy
(5) Logging and Statistics on Network Usage, and misuse of it.
(6) Policy Enforcement
The characteristics of a good firewall can be described as follows:
1. All traffic from inside to outside and vice versa must pass through the firewall.
2. Only the traffic authorized as per the local security policy should be allowed to pass through.
3. The firewall itself must be tough enough, so as to reduce attacks.
Advantages of Firewall
1. A firewall prevents unauthorized internet users from accessing a private network connected to the Internet.
2. It enforces a security policy by allowing a single point for implementing and controlling all security decisions to be made.
3. It filters monitors and logs the sessions between any two networks. As a result, our exposure to the internet is also limited.
Limitations of the Firewall

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