Advantages And Disadvantages Of Firewall

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Firewall is program which prevent unauthorized access to network system. Firewall works as a blockade through which the traffic goes either of the direction must pass. A firewall gives you a single chokepoint through which all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic must pass, allowing you to control traffic. Firewall technology was first emerged in late 1980 's when internet was a new technology in terms of connectivity, globally.
It 's found as both software solution and as a hardware appliance the difference is that hardware firewall acts as a DHCP server to the network where as many Personal Computer operating system have built-in software firewalls to protect user against virus. Threats from public server

Yes, there are plenty of disadvantages of not having a firewall. if someone using a computer or having a small network one must follow threat by hackers who can hack their computer data /network quiet easily there are plenty others ways they get infected some of them are: -PC get infected from VIRUS,WORM,TROJAN etc. within in no time even if you installed fresh window it will get infected.
-Theft or disclosure of Personal data
-Interception of data
These are some causes of not having a firewall protection in PC HOW FIREWALL PROTECT PC:-
Most firewall specially built-in firewall alerts the users when some suspicious action happens in computer. Any hacker want to access
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