Advantages And Disadvantages Of Firewalls

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Firewalls The twenty one century has brought many development in the field of IT and firewall is one of them. Basically firewalls are computer security device which are available on personal computers/networks that can protect the computers and or networks from threats such as viruses, spams, spyware, worms, Trojan horses and hackers. Nowdays people see firewalls as controversial issue. Some believes that firewalls has many benefits, others believe that firewalls are risky and creates many problems. Advantages of firewalls Starting with the first group point of view firewalls are very effective tool in terms of protecting the private information on PCs and networks. The key function of firewall is avoiding anyone from outside from linking to a private network. Firewalls can also extend protection from routing-based attacks, like source routing and attempts to following routing tracks to exposed sites by ICMP redirects. A firewall also, supply the ability to control access to site systems, for example, some hosts can be reached from outside networks and rules are created according to specifications such as allow connection , allow connection if it is secured and deny the connection. Disadvantages of firewalls Moving to the second group of point of view firewalls are unsafe since it can’t block or disable viruses or worms. Firewalls are a central point for attacks, and if an intruder breaks through the firewall they may have unlimited access to the network. Firewall systems

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