Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fixed Term Employment

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Deery (2008)stated that temporary working is the employment of the worker for limited time and the job is expected to last only for small period. These types of workers are employed by the private agencies or by the employer directly. Most of the times, agencies are responsible for selecting, recruiting and training temporary workers so that employers can hire them. They are even hired on fixed term contracts in which the employment is based on definite period or on the completion of particular event or task. This type of employment ends with the expiry of contract. Rubery et al (2005) argued that it is important for the employer to highlight period of notice in fixed term contracts for early termination. This provides facility of ending the…show more content…
This is because the number of employees varies in order to consider demand for product or service. Moreover, with the help of this flexible working the cover for the permanent staff in relation to leave is provided. It also helps in metring the additional demand, which occur during peak time. Fixed term contracts or temporary working proves to be significant specialist projects in which the organisation needs certain employee to take the project towards successful completion. Despite this, there are different challenges that have to be considered at the time of implementing this flexible working facility within the organisational environment. It limits the opportunities of training for other members of the staff. Furthermore, increased use of agency workers depicts the fact that the business is reliant on the testing and screening methods of the…show more content…
It provides the facility of trained workers and expertise for a certain time. These workers range from the permanent workforces of large businesses such as computer, building, or catering organisation to small one-person business. The major benefit of sub-contracting is that it can be used in the manner it is required for the certain job. Moreover, it is the cheaper flexible working that can be provided by the organisations to their employees. With the help of subcontracting, the businesses gain the opportunity to handle larger projects easily. Reliable profits are earned by the businesses on the projects that are handled by subcontractors. Furthermore, by making use of subcontractors, the organisations can save their cost and efficiency as the overhead cost would reduce. This means that sub-contracting is the flexible working type that would be advantageous for both employer and employees as most of the complex and tough task would get outsourced. Due to this facility, the employees would feel relax and stress free within the organisation which would certainly increase their loyalty with the
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