Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flying Car

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The disadvantage of first future transportation I would like to discuss is flying car. With the invention of flying car, one needs a runway for taking off the transitioned plane. Not many places have such a runway for taking off the plane and this would be a problem for the pilot to find a place to take off their plane. Besides, many trees have to be cut down in order to build the runway. Secondly, another government body would need to be set up for controlling air traffic for common people with flying cars. Government has to spend a lot of money to hire people to work and also giving them professional course on the rules of flying in the sky. Flying car also would be consuming tremendous amount of fuel. Thus, it would not be an efficient option. Nowadays, our environment has been seriously contaminated, therefore the future transportation that most of us expected is environmental friendly which it do not depend on fuel to function. Lastly, the maintenance of the flying car would be costly too since it is invented based on the latest technology. Next we will look on the disadvantage of electric car. The first disadvantage of electric car is recharge point. As we know, electric cars are still considered as a new invention, therefore electric fuelling stations are still in the development stages. Not a lot of places we go to on a daily basis will have electric fuelling stations. This meaning that if we are on a long trip and run out of charge, we may be stuck where we are.
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