Advantages And Disadvantages Of Foodpanda

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ABSTRACT Foodpanda, a food delivery services ranging from many different restaurants is something new and fresh in Brunei. It has received a warm welcomed in Brunei, with many customers excited to try the services through the website or mobile application. Foodpanda culture has the potential to be adapted in Brunei if the services are time saving, convenient to use and satisfying. At first, the services offered seem to be a good deal, but not anymore. Foodpanda in Brunei has dissatisfied its customers in terms of late food delivery and bad customer’s service. One suggestion to improve this e-business is by planning a strategy on how to provide a good delivery services for example, by expanding the Foodpanda team and assigning them to different…show more content…
Table 2. Disadvantages of Foodpanda Challenges Case Study: Foodpanda Cash on delivery payment method This is not a problem for Foodpanda because the food delivery services are only made within the region. Hence, there is no barrier for other countries because the food cannot be delivered outside the country. (although shipping is possible, Foodpanda delivery services only delivers freshly made food) Returning policy In this case, foodpanda does not accept returning policy. However, there is a refund policy within 24 hours if an order is cancelled by the vendor (restaurant) or Foodpanda and the payment has been made online. Table 3. Challenges of Foodpanda Analysis of Literature review from the table…show more content…
One of the challenges of e-business is that there are customers that prefer cash on delivery payment method because of limited online payment accesss for credit cards in certain countries. This payment method is a problem for global e-business, as it would delay the transactions of goods and payments. However, it is not a problem for Foodpanda because the food orders delivery is made within the country and hence cash on delivery is accepted. Apart from that, returning policy is also a challenge for e-business as it is more expensive with the addition of shipping and packaging cost. Foodpanda however, does not have a returning policy because the service that Foodpanda provide is a food delivery service, not goods. As mentioned in the table 3, instead of returning policy, Foodpanda offers a refund policy if there was a food order that was cancelled by Foodpanda or the vendor (restaurant) and the payment has been made

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