Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fusion Food

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Beginning of this paper, I want to make clear about the main subject which is “fusion food”. So fusion food is characterize as quick, easily, reachable and cheap substitute to home-cooked meals and that can be prepared and served very quickly and also saves time. Other thing is fusion food is quiet cheaper, especially for those people who live their own. I will continue my whole paper with this topic and will show how fusion food grab our country and also change our society.
The back ground of this topic is that now people are avoiding home cooking and depend on fusion food. Everyone now prefers fusion food better than homemade food. And there is also a lot of social impact on fusion food. Because now days we are losing interest on our Bengali
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Rokeya Ali Khan lived in Gazipur sador . She said that, “I don’t know why people like fusion food. If I do have any power then I will bared all kind of fusion food from our country because I think fusion decreases our life time and its very bad for our health. In our time we never think about this sort of food. Our children only ate just our own hand made cooked food those are very hygienic and healthy for our children and I think homemade foods are heaven for everyone. But people don’t understand about drawbacks of fusion food. Homemade food also good for children and also good for pregnant…show more content…
She told I that homemade food is so oily and it take too much time to prepare and we can easily purchase any kind of fusion food in our convenient price. Most importantly we can easily get the exact thing in fusion food what we want, like sometimes we go to restaurant for some salad which will be healthy for us and we can easily maintain our diet. Another thing is its taste is so yummy. Obviously it is right that homemade food is also important for us but sometimes we need some outside refreshment that’s why fusion food is compulsory for everyone But you have to be careful about your food like your restaurant is hygienic or not or your food is hygienic or not. Because unhygienic and unhealthy food will causes your bad health
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