What´s Genetic Engineering?

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Genetic engineering is being able to add new DNA into an organism to create new traits; the aim of this type of engineering is to add a trait that is not already found in the organism.(UNL's AgBiosafety for Educators. 2015.) Genetic engineers have no limitations and therefore can create any combination of an organism, such as if there was a yellow sea urchin they would be able to create a yellow cow by means of moving genes from one organism to another to transfer those traits.( Union of Concerned Scientists. 2015.)

Genetic Engineering is not a natural process and any concoction of an organism can be produced as long as the genes are present, which means it is a very controversial process. Some people believe that it can effect moral issues
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(Pros Of Genetic Engineering. 2015)

• The global warming threat can be reduced by putting desirable characteristics in trees to absorb more carbon dioxide which contributes highly to pollution in the atmosphere. (APECSEC.org. 2015)

• Genetic variety is obtained because of the interbreeding that occurs with GM organisms. (APECSEC.org. 2015)

• The human race is able to be fully fed because of the greater yield crop in a greater space. Crops are also more resistant to disease and pesticides. (Pros Of Genetic Engineering. 2015)

• In animals , especially in agriculture. Cows are able to produce greater amounts of milk and meat can be grown for larger sizes, these factors increase the quantity of product being produced. (Pros Of Genetic Engineering. 2015)

• In the possibility of human genetic engineering , scientists will be able to cure illnesses , and even help women to overcome their infertility problem by using 2 different eggs from another mother. (Pros Of Genetic Engineering.
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(APECSEC.org. 2015)

• The risks involved in carrying out the process of GM organisms are said to be too great to overcome the reality that may occur once this process has occurred. (Genetic Engineering Cons. 2015.)

• By creating plants that are so resistant to pests and disease , bugs have had to adapt themselves to the strong pesticides used and therefore are harder to get rid of , such as bed bugs in hotel rooms. (Genetic Engineering Cons. 2015.)

• The human consumer of a product that has been GM are unknown as the product is unnatural to the body. Only in a few years time will scientists know the effects it has posed on the human body. (Genetic Engineering Cons. 2015.)

• By using animals to test for drugs and various experiments is taking the animal away from living with nature. (APECSEC.org. 2015)

• Some people have been diagnosed with Leukemia when being used as an experiment for GM products. (Genetic Engineering Cons. 2015.)

2.1. Process of Genetically Engineered Tomatoes

Isolation of the gene of

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