Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Trade And International Trade

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International trade is also knows as a globe trade which give the country opportunity to expands their markets for both good and services that otherwise may not have been available in other countries. This type of trade also give advantages for world to rise the economy in term of prices, supply and customer demands, affect and are affected by global events. All of the good and services can be found on international market. International trade will involve two types of process which be export and import. Export is a function of international trade in which the goods produced in a country will be sent to another country for future sale or trade. Therefore, by selling of such goods and services it will increase the producing nation gross output. Export also one of the oldest form of economic grow, and occur on a large scale between nations that have fewer restrictions on trade, such as tariffs or subsidies. Another process involve in international trade is import, import is a process good or services brought from another country to another. Together with exports, imports also are the backbone of international trade. Economic of a country can be seen in terms of import and export. The higher goods and service are imported than exported, the more…show more content…
Firstly, by doing export process sales for that country will increase. Exporting process is a one way to expand business and increase company sales potential. It can help expand product or services that the company earn money form, otherwise the company stuck trying to make a money only in the local market. As example ‘The Tarik’, the Tarik one of the famous beverages in Malaysia but people from other country can get it at their own country. In this case we can see that globalization give an idea for local business to expands and sell the product to other country by doing export process and its became well known for a few country which Singapore, Indonesia, Europe and

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