Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization Essay

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I think all the students in our class must have an apple product. Maybe an iphone, an ipad, or and a laptop. Do you ever think about why nowadays people can have a product from foreign countries so easily? It’s because of the globalization. It makes people can buy things or travel directly oversea. Globalization is the increasing interaction of people, states, or countries through the growth of the international flow of money, ideas, and culture. Globalization is primarily an economic process of integration that has social and cultural aspects. Globalization is unavoidable, since the opening of the new route, people have the access to communicate and trade with each others. They got lots of advantages through globalization which makes them…show more content…
But in other respects, such as internal affairs, national defense, and foreign affairs, it is similar to an alliance of Independent States. The countries in EU help each other and share products and use the same currency. Globalization is a very important topic for us to talk about because nowadays, the development of globalization is becoming more and more rapid. And this is very close to everyone’s daily life. This paper will explore both the advantages and disadvantages that globalization has one the world. Globalization has some positive influences to the economy. First, it can beneficial a country to attract and use foreign capital. According to China CE, before Chinese economic reform and open up, the total FDI inflow into China is 1,166,000,000 dollars, however, after the Chinese economic reform and open up, the amount of the total FDI inflow into china increases every year, and in the end of 2002, the FDI inflow into china is 441,600,000,000 dollars. The reason china did the reform and open up is because of the globalization, it helped china to have more cooperation with foreign countries which can let china use more foreign capital and the technologies to help the economy. Second, globalization can help to decrease the unemployment. Because of the globalization,

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