Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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Globalization also having disadvantages no matter on country, organizations, or the labours of the host country. First, organizations are taking advantages on the workers. For example, Sweatshop, BJ&B factory, a case happened in 1997 which a group of students wanted to find a way to improve the working conditions of people who made their caps and shirts. The workers had to cope with rancid drinking water, locked bathroom, sweltering conditions and intimidation. Men and women had unequal pay scales and workers were fired when they tried to start a union. Therefore, the student wanted licensees to agree to pay workers enough to live on and disclose the locations of all of their factories. Next, another disadvantages of globalization is local brands and businesses in poorer developing countries cannot survive. Once those international big brand started opening their outlets in the poorer countries, people are tend to purchase those branded products as they are having international image and high reputation. Local brands have not stable in the market and not enough capital and ability to compete with the international brands. Hence, most of the local brands cannot survive and lead to bankrupt. When we talk about international business, the business does not just happened in our own country, but a lot of countries involving. The international executive is subject to a new set of macroenvironmental factors, to different constraints, and to quite frequent conflicts resulting

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