Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization In The Philippines

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Ever since the ancient times,people have continuously strived in order to improve all aspects of trade.By means of removing the unnecessary barriers and restrictions to do business,most countries started to see the implications of a free flow of trade.Economies which are working witch restricted resources began to overcome evitable economic problems.As time goes by, as people across all borders continuously invented things that will make life easier, the flow of resources between open-market countries and regions have exponentially accelerated.With all the many breakthroughs and development in the fields of communication and transportation, it gave open-minded countries and regions to conquer the world on a large scale and turn it into a global village.This is the concept of globalization. Globalization lets countries do what they can do best. If, for example, you buy cheap steel from another country you don’t have to make your own steel. You can focus on computers or other things.Also, Globalization gives you a larger market. You can sell more goods and make more money. You can create more jobs. Consumers also profit from globalization. Products become cheaper and you can get new goods more quickly. As a country which is dominated by a younger work force and has a relatively weak currency,Philippines could derive many benefits from globalization. Globalization has meant that products such as food grown or produced in the Philippines have been introduced to a wider market.
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