Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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However, there is always a bad side, and a good one. On the offensive side of globalization, it revolves around the differences preferred from each nation. One disadvantage is that rich people are becoming richer and the poor remain poor. With globalization benefiting the top employers in businesses, the work has negatively dropped on the labour class. Workers get paid extremely low in the labour class due to the easy availability it holds. With people migrating from each country looking for work, the higher class takes advantage of that. The developed countries hold the power and the profits made are not evenly distributed. This affects other countries because the world is entwined with the economics of each. So, each hardship falls upon each country. This happens within trade and the market. The unemployment rate has jumped extremely high. Many people are losing their jobs due to outscoring. This has enhanced the ways of inequality. Although globalization sells the idea of technology, it results in society losing jobs. There have been many new inventions of technology, including machinery for humans to do less work. This leads to loss of employment.
Culturally, with culture and religion, migration is destined to become easier. The influence of certain traditions with slowly disappear. Also, another huge disadvantage is that since cultures are now interconnected, travelling has increased, which evolves to diseases. They bring it back form where they have traveled, and it
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