Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gold And Silver Retails

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Gold and silver can be purchase through gold retailers who maintains huge gold bulks or form the Banks. Purchasing from retailers are easy as pie. There are plenty of gold and silver retailers across the island. To invest go to a retailer and get into an agreement with the retailer and finally buy the amount of gold or silver needed for the investment. Following are some of the leading retailers in Sri Lanka
• Devi Jewelers
• Raja Jewelers
• Auther de Silva Jewelers
• Colombo Jewelers
• Swarana Mahal Jewelers
• Vogue Jewelers.
Gold selling is not done at very Bank. It’s done only at a limited number of banks under a limited brunches. One of the leading bank on gold retailing is BOC, and they their service is only provided at their head office.
• Savings are protected against the money devaluations. o Purchasing power of currency will decrease in the times of inflation, but the gold and silver savings will remain stable in the times of inflation.
• Investment Portfolios and wealth are protected in economic crises. o The value of paper money will decrease in the times of economic crisis but it won’t effect on gold and silver savings.
• High market Liquidity o Gold and silver can be sold out very quickly without any capital lose. o Bank and other financial organizations are providing mortgages services on gold and silver. So a investor can get those services very quickly at a low cost without losing the assets.
• Gold storing must be done at secure

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