Advantages And Disadvantages Of Government Ban Plastic Bags

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In our modern society, billions and trillions of plastic bags are being consumed. More than 100 thousand of plastic bags were made every each passing day and more than 1 million people are using it. So, what is a plastic bag? Plastic bag is a small kind of people’s invention that can make our lives a lot easier. The significance of it is that the durability is strong and it is light weighted. Carrying many things is a lot harder than it looks but this thing made it much easier and comfortable to people. It is used for containing, packaging, and transporting goods such as food, water, waste, and many more. Using plastic bags became a necessity and it is indeed true that there’s a lot of benefits from it but the thing is we were all too busy being deceived by its advantages and we lost sight of its disadvantages. There are multiple positive and negative effects in using plastic bags. Since there are many negative issues and effects in using plastic bags, many people come up with the solution of government banning plastic bags. Should government really need to ban plastic bags or not? Plastic bag is a commonly used material in the society. Since it is a daily essential it is affecting us both positively and negatively. According to some study, plastic bags are advantageous in many ways. Plastic bags are highly durable and lasts longer than paper bags. As stated, the durability is strong and the chance of being torn apart is not as high as paper. Since plastic bags has a

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