Advantages And Disadvantages Of Government

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A government is the most important element in a state. A state cannot be formed without the presence of a government. The government is changeable and it has different forms and these forms can be seen in different states in the world. In my essay Iam going to explain absolute monarchy, constitutional monarchy, democratic republics. Federal states and stateless territories. Absolute monarchy in other words absolutism is when a ruler or leader has ultimate authority to run a state and the ruler ruled by Devine right. Devine right was the claim that a king was given his position by some higher power. The authority of the monarchy included the following areas administration, taxes, justice and foreign policy. In an absolute monarchy decisions…show more content…
Problems are solved faster because they only need to go through one person who is the king. The law making process is simpler since the king makes the laws. The state has a strong Amy which is a benefit to the state because it will have good defence. The disadvantages absolutism is that it leads to inequality of wealth. Where there is an irresponsible leader it is quite hard for people around to force this leader out or replace him with a more effective leader. A bad leader can cripple the nation due to inexperience and no qualities of leadership.There are bad leaders because leaders inherit leadership at a young age. Constitutional monarchy is a form of government in which a queen or king acts as a head of state where he or she has the ability to pass and make legislation residing with an elected parliament not with the monarch. As a system of government constitutional monarchy differentiates the head of state and officials from party officials. A constitutional monarchy provides stability, continuity and a national focus. The head of state remains the same even if the government changes. Leadership is inherited and elective as well. A parliament is present and the constitution is also

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