Advantages And Disadvantages Of Graphic Tablet

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A graphics tablet is a device that allows using a stylus or pen to make strokes and marks like a normal pencil on paper. A graphic tablet is also often used by graphics designers and illustrators. A graphics tablet contains of a flat tablet on which you can draw with an exceptional pen. Also, as you draw on the tablet an image is generated on the computer screen from within the application that the tablet is connected to. The pen is commonly radio controlled, this is very valuable. You can trace it out anything on the line drawing paper; you can place the paper over the pad and start tracing it out.

The main features of graphics tablet are that graphics tablet is lightweight and similar in size like a laptop. That allows to draws, paints or edits.

The advantages of the graphic tablet are that it is more natural and easy to draw diagrams with a stylus than with a mouse. Moreover, a great level of accurateness can be accomplished

The disadvantages of the graphic tablet are that they are not actually appropriate for general selection work such as pointing and ticking or clicking on menu tools. Also, graphic tablets are very expensive than a mouse.

A limitation of graphic tablet compared to scanner is that it is very
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