Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Based Programs

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Strengths and Limitations of Group Based Programs HNN222 Mental Health Nursing
Assignment 1 Part B Essay
Group based programs are becoming more prominent and important as part of treatment in mental health. This essay will explain what group based programs are and the types of group based programs. This essay will also critically analyse both the strengths and limitations of group based programs in the mental health field. There are many strengths to group based programs as they are affordable and accessible by the majority of patients. Being in a group setting also makes this treatment efficient as multiple people are treated at once . Group based programs are available as both an inpatient treatment and community based treatment. There often
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According to the American Psychological Association (2014) there are two types of group based programs, open groups and closed groups. There are pros and cons for each type. Open groups can be joined at any time by anyone as they meet regularly and frequently. There is a period of adjustment when joining an open group, as it may take time to get to know other attendees of the session. Within closed groups all members join at the same time to create the group. They all partake in planned activities for a certain period of time, approximately 12 weeks (American Psychological Association, 2014). However, when joining a closed group it is possible that there will be a waiting period for an appropriate group to be created. Group based therapy is not only used in the clinical setting, but group programs are also based in inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment facilities (Puskar et al. 2014). Generally group based programs are seen extensively within the public mental health services (Lorentzen & Ruud, 2014). The regular expectations of group based programs consist up to 10 members who have similar problems and are at varied stages in their recovery. This ensures that members do not feel judged, as they are not the only members with that particular…show more content…
2014). Even though many groups are targeted for specific mental health issues there is also the chance that members may be overlooked for those that are more vocal, or clients who are shy many not speak up during group sessions to express their challenges or struggles. This can lead to these groups being unattended (Lorentzen and Ruud, 2014). As groups based programs are generally on at a specific date and time it is also not a flexible treatment option, because if a member is in crisis they will need to wait until the next session or seek help

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