Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hacking

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1.1 Definition:
Hacking is any technical labor to manipulate the natural behavior of network connections and linked systems. Definition of hacking in historical means to helpful, Intelligent technical work that was not necessarily related to computer systems. In other words that hackers make things that normal they do not do it. But the hacker in our time means that it is destructive and harmful. Hackers can offensive in so many ways, here is some of the most popular ways they can menace the safety of your site, and your business: Injection attacks means that the hackers have allowed to gain unauthorized accesses to private data such as credit card number or other financial data. Another type of hacking attack is cross site scripting attack and known as an XSS attack, which that means that when application, URL “get request”. Or file packet is sent to the web browser windows and bypassing the effectiveness process. Once an XSS script is triggered, it is deceitful property makes users trust that the compromised page of specific website is statutory. Furthermore, there are three types of hackers, Viruses, Worm and Trojan house.
1.2 Benefit and Harms:
Everything that exists has its advantages and disadvantages. Not all hackers do malicious works, the advantages of hacking that there are hackers called “grey hat hacker”. These hackers may hack into a computer system to inform the administrator that their system is vulnerable and then offer to repair their system
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