Pros And Cons Of Hair Welding Essay

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People always want to present himself a little differently than others, various ways has been used by the people for showing himself attractive. Multiple types of hair styling are one of them. Hair can be classified straight_wavy_curly_kinky ext. from the view point of size it can be short, medium, and large. Multiple tools have been invented for various hair shapes. These are electronic device, hair clip, and cosmetic ext. When people go for party or special event he/she wants to change his look for one night. If ones hair is straight he wants to curl it or whose hair frizzy he wants to straight. Recently hair curling is the most popular hair styling spreads among the women. Because curling hair look big, bold, and beautiful. Now the question is which tools is best for hair curling? Several tools have found on market like curling iron, curler wand, curling waiver ext. before buying a tools u should consider the condition of hair, which tools best match for your hair. This article may help to choose best tools for your hair. Some hair curling tools discuss below with pros and cons. The curling iron Curling irons creates waves or curl in different methods. Several types of curling iron which can be vary by diameter, material and shape. Curling iron basically made of Teflon, ceramic, tourmaline, metal, or titanium . The shape of…show more content…
¾ inch, this small size perfect for naturally curly hair. If you want something bit looser and undone try this size.1 inch, those who have medium or shorter length hair can go for this size. These size wrap hairs securely, if you want more sleek curls, try the smaller 1″ barrel. 1 ¼ inch, this size is very popular; this is perfect for messy waves. 1 ½ inch, its great for voluminous curls, this size works best to give long, heavy hair some lift at the roots. 2 inches, this is best for those with long hair who want to make it look like they had a

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