Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Diploma

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I am going to look at advantages and disadvantages of having a diploma and also positive and negative things to start working and get experience without a diploma to get a guaranteed job. Who is more likely to get a job? The person who has already started to work or who has been studying for a long time. I will look at what is the best way to guarantee job. Some people think that everyone has to be educated in their profession. The other side of people who support that they can make their own job instead of getting a diploma. People who study a lot in university, it means "waste of time" for them. Some students say that "we spend a lot of time in college and some lessons do not make sense about real life. If we do not pass the exam, we cannot get a degree from the university. On the contrary, some students say that the lessons are given a lot of information about what we are going to be in the future". I will look at both sides of ideas. Firstly, there are many advantages of graduating from college. In general, most of the companies are looking for employees who have a diploma and want to improve their skills. A degree creates several opportunities in terms of salary satisfaction and preparing a successful career. When students are studying in college, projects are given to them every single year by their professors which can develop the creative ability. When they are doing the project, students are doing a lot of research on many fields about their project. It is worth
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