Advantages And Disadvantages Of Helicopter Parenting

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As a parent, you would always remain protective about your children and ensure that they do not undergo any physical or emotional suffering of any kind. However, the trouble may arise if you start watching or judging every move of your children and get over involved with every aspect of their lives, including their school, friends, activities and career. If you are doing this, then perhaps you are being a helicopter parent. There are several other reasons for helicopter parenting style to exist – you must know what triggers it, to what extent it is acceptable and how you can avoid being a hovering parent. A helicopter parent is one who tries to over control his child’s life at every stage, especially education. While helicopter parenting…show more content…
Children may bond well with helicopter parents and also feel secure because they have a cushion to fall upon in case of dire consequences. However, if you end up calling your child’s school for every single or minor issue, intervene with his social life, strictly control his daily schedule or don’t give him a scope to make mistakes, then it is high time that you accept that you are being an overprotective parent and may be doing more harm than good to your children. Disadvantages of helicopter parenting Helicopter parenting can spell following problems for your child. 1. He may become heavily dependent on parents for every task and decision. For instance, he may not make efforts to finish his homework until either of the parents is around for supervision. 2. He may not develop problem solving skills or learn to face real world challenges as he knows that his parents will always be there to pull him out of adverse situations. 3. He may take undue advantage of excessive pampering and may want parents to give in to every demand. 4. He may not develop trust and confidence in his own skills and judgement. As a result, he will constantly seek parents’ approval in everything – whether it is taking up a new hobby or choosing new friends. 5. He may develop a sense of fear towards his parents for failing and may withdraw himself emotionally from
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