Advantages And Disadvantages Of Higher Education

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Higher education is a topic of serious discussion and debate, especially for a nation who has 41% of its population aged under 20 years. Certainly, India is the youngest nation in the world and a young nation definitely requires uppermost class education, modernized infrastructure, advanced research opportunities and group of faculty who deliver global teachings in their classes for adequate knowledge of their students and continuous growth of the country’s future working hands. But, unfortunately India is lacking in furnishing all these things at one go to our bright and talented students. Consequently, either students don’t accumulate sufficient knowledge to showcase their career at international level or they land up doing an underperformed career, which doesn’t promise required growth and copious opportunities in future. This is due to lack of skills and development in the students. Conversely, global education provides skills and guarantees for a successful career and ample of opportunities to grow as you get exposed to international standard of teaching and carry your studies in paramount foreign education infrastructure.
But in India, students doubt on studying abroad and there are numerous misconceptions behind it.

Because of tremendous contention between educational institutions around the world regarding curtailment in tuition fees, foreign study cost has been continuously reduced. This competition has become a bargaining chip for thousands of Indian students
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