Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring African Americans

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them at a disadvantage in job market. They also lack support systems to prepare them for the job market, which also is a big disadvantage. The lack of early opportunities is another drawback that held them back from landing good job opportunities. Many employers believe that African-Americans in particular lack soft-skills needed to fulfill the job requirements. This may not be completely true but African-Americans are underrepresented when it comes to job selection. Many young black men lack higher level of education and they stay behind in achievements compare to their white peers. African-Americans’ educational attainment trails drastically behind their white peers. According to CEPR blog, the high school graduation rate for black men, currently at 73 percent, is still 10 percent behind that of white men. Black men are also half as likely as white men to obtain a college degree by age 24 (“Addressing Chronic Black Male Unemployment." Addressing Chronic Black Male Unemployment. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Mar. 2016.). These educational differences have lifelong effects on young black men. It prevents them from seeking good job opportunities, which requires higher level of education. Low education levels are barriers for African-Americans for obtaining higher-wage jobs.…show more content…
The employers conduct background checks in the process of hiring. Many employers do not hire the people with criminal backgrounds. So this puts African American at a disadvantage. They also run credit checks in the hiring process. African Americans have bad credit due to the lack of jobs. It is difficult for them to pay their
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