Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring People

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Hiring people advantages and disadvantages from internal and external When hiring new people into a business some things are going to be have to be taken into account. This is going to be do you hire from within the business or looking elsewhere. If a business wants a new manager then promotion is a good way to go as it shows other employees if they work hard then promotions are possible. They will be a good advantage as they will already know what they are doing within the business and are more likely to stay within the business because they already know how the business runs. This means they are less likely to leave. It will raise moral. It will also save time by being able to put them into the role. Another advantage is going to be that they already have a relationship built this could help and make it worse because if they get along with people they will listen to the manager. If problems are already there it could bigger problems with co-workers. It could be very costly as the advertising and training. A negative to hiring within the business is that jealously could be coursed when someone gets a promotion others don’t think deserve it. Because some workers could work closely together then some employees could be getting dragged along by other harder working co-workers and they then get the praise for it. This might be a cheap way to get a manager but paying extra money could mean getting someone even better. This is getting what you pay for this is less of a problem
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