Advantages And Disadvantages Of History Essay

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NAME: ALOK ENTRY NO.: 2012ME10650 DISTINCTION BETWEEN MONUMENTAL, ANTIQUARIAN AND CRITICAL SPECIES OR FORMS OF HISTORY INTRODUCTION In the text ‘Use and disadvantages of history for life’, Nietzsche explores the worthlessness and usefulness of history and tries to explain how we can utilize history for the betterment of our life. He discusses several very crucial questions like how historical knowledge can be used to serve life. How our past can be used for our development. How Modernity can be achieved with the help of our past without completely destroying our old traditions. How remembering and forgetting some parts of history affects our life. How we can build our future with fundamental continuity with the strengths of the past. How history is related with our happiness. He illustrates that we cannot live solely historically or unhistorically. We have to maintain balance between them which can be done by utilizing our plastic power.…show more content…
It is because we are an outcome of the past generations. Our earlier generation committed several errors, crimes, injustice etc. Since we have originated from them we can’t simply free ourselves from this chain. We are outcome of these passion, aberrations and errors. We cannot ignore it. But we can confront our hereditary and inherited nature with our knowledge. We can judge and identify the mistakes of our history and fight with them. We can cut away this inborn heritage and implant in ourselves a new instinct or habit. We have to confront our inherited nature and create a new nature which is better than the previous one and where we do not repeat our previous mistakes. This new primary nature will force our previous nature to become the secondary and it will gradually wither away. This is not just a hypothesis, it has happened in history time and again. Every first nature was once a second nature and ever victorious second nature will become a

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