Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homeschooling Essay

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Education is important in life . With education we can learn so many things . Now we already know many educational alternatives for children. With so many choices of education pathways that exist in Indonesia is certainly making the most of parents are confused to choose the path that is best for their child. One of the alternative educations that choose by some parents is homeschooling . Homeschooling can be referred to an independent school. Schools that educate children centrally and guide the children in accordance with the values they want to develop. Homeschooling is often regarded schools tend to be individual. But basically all types of education certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each. The advantages and disadvantages…show more content…
Children become unable to work within a team . Children become unable to work within a team because of tendency to work individually. Kids have been taught independently and individually make children become difficult to work together. Kids just have a long association with a parent or guardian only. Homeschooling makes children do not have extensive knowledge in the sense that the child becomes less socially. Because children are covered by the association that smoking out there. Then , they will lack of interaction with friends from different social status . Deficiencies which we can not deny is the lack of interaction with peers from different social status which can provide valuable experience to learn to live in society. Another possibility could be isolated students from less favorable social environment so it will be less prepared will face various errors or uncertainties. After that , children will become difficult to solve their own problems. In homeschooling, parents naturally tend to protect her baby. But the protection of parents who tend to overdo it actually makes children become difficult to solve their own problems. Children will have limited ability to resolve social problems that are not premeditated, because children have less interaction with children his age, and he has been accustomed to have more protection from their

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