Pros And Cons Of Home Schooling

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Hancrevion Evaldo Sinsu
Until this day there is no clear meaning about what is home schooling? But it generally refers to an alternative or supplemental form of education in which a parent teaches children at home. The U.S Department of Education simply defines home schoolers as “students whose parents report them as being consistently schooled at home instead of in public School or private school”. Many parents nowadays choose home schooling, some of them choose part time an some full time, maybe they live in an area with a history of choose public education or the parents go the private school route, whether it be for religious or not. In the last 30 years, there has
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The first one is home schooling parents always get involved in the learning process. According to Mayberry and Knowles (1989), Knowles (1991), and Mayberry (1988, 1993) home schooling can make the family unity or strengthening of the bonds among the member of the family. In the other hand, parents that always get involved can make the process of learning become badly. The parents that are too near to the children will make the children cannot concentrate to the learning process. And also home schooling causing children have narrower horizon of experiences in real life because they just school in home and no friends but there is a researcher named Thomas Smedley, he said that “Home schooled children are more mature and better socialized than those who are sent to school”. And there is a study that named Parents In Knowles’ (1991) said that “school was a waste of time, or they felt different, singled out, or picked on at school”. And so many parents think like that, they had positive experiences of learning outside of school and, and they wanted to reproduce these experiences for their…show more content…
Some reasons like home schooling keeps children away from bad school experience like poor school environment and can develop good character, and free for the parents to organize everything like choose the best curriculum and can change the time for study every day is the reason to choose home schooling than traditional school. It proves that home schooling is still best school for children. 94 percent home schooling student said that home schooling make them prepared to be independent. 79 percent of home schooling student said that home schooling help them to communicate or to interact with individuals even that the individual is from different levels of society. Dr.Gary Knowless of the University of Michigan found that none of the home schooled students in his study were unemployed as adults and none were on government assistance programs. So home schooling is the better school for the

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