Advantages And Disadvantages Of Honey Bees

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Honey bees are social insects. Which means that they live together in large well organized family groups. social insects are highly evoleved insect that engage in a variety of complex task not practiced by the multitude of construction, environmental control, defence, and division of the labour just same of the behaviours that honey bees have developed to exist successfully in social insects in general, and honey bees in particular, among the most fascinating creature on earth. Like all hemipterans, honey bees have heplo-diploid sex determination. Unfertilized eggs (no paternal genetic contribution ) develop into drones (males) and fertilized eggs (both maternal and paternal genetic contribution ) develop into females. Female larva that are fed the standard diet of pollen, nectar, and brood food become adult workers. Female larvae fed a rich diet of royal jelly, pollen, and nectar develop into queens. Worker honey bees are non-reproductive females. They are the smallest in physical size of the three casts and their bodies are specialized for pollen and nectar collection. Both hind legs of a worker honey bee have a corbicula specially designed to carry large quantities of pollen back to the colony. Worker honey bees produce wax scales on the underside of their abdomen. The scales are used to construct the wax comb within the colony. workers have barbed stinger that torn, with the poison. Sac from the end of their abdomen when they develop

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