Advantages And Disadvantages Of Honeypots

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ABSTRACT Honeypot is an exciting new technology with tremendous potential for the security community. It is a imagination which is destined to be attacked and compromised to gather more info about the assailant and his attack techniques. They are a highly flexible instrument that comes in many forms and sizes. This report deals with seeing what a honeypot actually is, and how it operates. In that respect are different kinds of honey pots. Founded on their category they have different applications. This report presents an insight into the use of honeypots in productivity as well as educative environments. This report also talks about the advantages and disadvantages of honeypots, and what the future hold in stock for them. CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1 CHAPTER 2: HONEYPOT AND ITS TYPES 3 2.1: Basics 3 2.2 :Tyes of honeypots 5 2.2.1: Classification based on their deployment and involvement 5 2.2.2: Classification based on their interaction with Intruder 6 2.2.3: Classification based on their physical presence 13 CHAPTER 3: VALUE OF HONEYPOT 15 CHAPTER 4: IMPLEMENTATION 19 CHAPTER 5: MERITS , DEMERITS AND LEGAL ISSUES 23 5.1 Merits 23 5.2 Demerits

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