Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hotel Frranchising

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Hotel franchise has become an important aspect when branding hotel and franchising companies are taken into consideration, were the proprietor brand is sold as an agreement contract to third parties for business purpose and also to maintain their brand image and spread globally with the same objective of providing services and quality to the customers. Today hotel franchising is quite different from where it started as nowadays more importance is given towards the attitude of the customers for a particular hotel brand, as it helps to strengthen the hotel brand throughout the years. Many hotel franchises are moving towards becoming less hoteliers and are
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As there are certain rules and regulations to be followed, keeping in mind the aspects to work legally to become successful. Business can be operated with some level of independence depending upon the nature of the franchised business but in the hotel franchise the owner is independent to a greater extent. The main advantage is at a certain cost you buy the product and services which has been already established and the customer is aware about it which also helps them to spread the hotels brand image and saves more time, expenses to attract more customers. This helps the hotel franchisee buyer the opportunity to get pre sold customers which takes years to build up. Possibility of failure is very low and more chance of being successful as the products and services have already proved their standings. Customers can get the same quality and consistency even in the franchised hotel because it is required by the agreement or the contract. Before the hotel is functioning the franchisee gives all the support by selecting location, infrastructure and also how it has to be

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